Musculoskeletal remedies

The Antanil Combo

Capsule+oil+syrup–and Gold.

Ayurveda has identified a combination of treatments for painful musculoskeletal conditions like lumbago, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and more.

Antanil brings together tried and tested ingredients. Working synergistically, the capsule packs guggulu and mineral ingredients, while the syrup brings in the herbs. The oil works externally. For acute cases, we offer a combination with swarna bhasma–Antanil Gold.

Ingredient list


Joints of steel.

Treatment for Joint pain goes deep into the annals of Ayurvedic history.

Traditional treatment includes Haridra, chitraka, guduchi, punarnava and more– Artin brings the best of them together.

Ingredient list: Artin capsules (PDF)

Pain Balm


A gentle rub is all it takes.

IMIS pain balm is indicated for all kinds of headaches and body aches.

Ingredient list: Pain balm (PDF)