Skin remedies

and Antiallergic and blood purifiers


Tablets and lotion.

Dermonim is indicated for all skin disorders especially vitiligo.

Working together with diet control and managed carefully by your physician, the tablet and lotion include Rasa karpura, Shuddha gandhaka and Kharpara, Kaseesa bhasma and other key ingredients.

Ingredient list

Dermonim tablets (PDF)
Dermonim lotion (PDF)


For bronchial relief.

Paril is an antiallergic. It is indicated in all types of allergic reactions.

Paril brings together a variety of bhasmas, including Loha and Abhraka and is also indicated for itches.

Ingredient list: Paril tablets (PDF)

Mandara lepana


Mandara lepana is an external application indicated for alopecia and dandruff.

Application is simple: just apply to the scalp and massage it generously.

Ingredient list: Mandara Lepana (PDF)

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